Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ransom 5-Panel Cap

I got this Ransom 5-panel cap a while ago. It was actually during the Livestock sale in mid-June, that I also hopped over to Ransom to pick it up. After using it this whole summer, I must say that it is my favourite cap that I have yet to own. It's versatility allows me to wear it with a whole variety of outfits, whether I go casual or get a little classic, this cap seems to fit in everywhere. Quality is most definitely not lacking. Yeah, made in California.

The inside layer is made of a polyester ventilated fabric that does an excellent job of keeping your head well ventilated.

Ventilation holes keep air circulating through your hair. I swear I wore this hat so many times this summer and it still hasn't picked up that hefty odour that my head leaves in all my other caps.

The easy-to-use clip at the back allows you to clip it anywhere (like a belt loop) say when you're at the dinner table or you're by the seashore on a really windy day.

The stitching is near flawless and it makes for an excellent 5-panel cap.
The hat is made of wool, so if you do want to wash it, a nice gentle hand wash would be the way to go. The hat does somewhat lose it's shape and gain creases, none of which is noticeable when worn.

Some people do not realize the square label that Ransom uses on a number of its products, including this 5-panel cap, uses gold lettering. So if that's a turn off for you, this is just a forewarning in advanced.

However, overall, I would have to say one of the best 5-panel caps available. And a reasonable $35 will put it in your possession with little regret.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Matt Hobbs is a G. Alexander Spit is a G. The Hundreds is G. This video is G! LOL... I can't explain how much I love it...

Friday, August 28, 2009

Izza Kizza With The Unsung Hero

I love Colin Munroe. His music, his style, his story. Bongo boy was recently down at the music video shoot for the Izza Kizza's track, "Connect The Dots ft. Colin Munroe." He interviewed Colin as well as the video's stylists and lego masters... Dee and Ricky. The two of them went briefly into the video's wardrobe, including pieces from Bape, Billionaire Boys Club, John Varvatos, American Apparel and No Mas.

Check out the track here:

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Behind The Scenes of the "Successful" Music Video


This post has been a long time coming. I saw it when Ransom just posted it on their blog, but never got the time to put my opinions down here. Many people really disliked the Kanye-directed music video for Drake's "Best I Ever Had". At first I was a little disappointed. It was just not something I expected, but I guess that's what Kanye does best. Throwing the "unexpected" out there. That's where progress thrives best. Am I saying this video was groundbreaking and progressive. No, but Kanye had the right idea. However, the video did eventually grow on me. The humour points however, did strike immediately for me.
So about the "Successful" shoot. "Successful" was definitely one of my favourite songs in the whole mixtape. This video was directed by the great Jake Davis. The same dude that did the Lou Reed shots for the Supreme campaign. Davis' description of the set's vibe was nothing short of jaw dropping. "Nothing like hearing "Successful" blast through the city streets at 3am on a process trailer while fans run and scream in tow."
Trey and 40 were undoubtedly on set too, not to mention INQMND's and United Front's very own Oliver El-Khatib, who apparently did an incredible job laying out a stylish wardrobe for the video including pieces from Barbour, Comme des Garcons, Red Wing, V::Room, and Canada's very own Ransom, Wings + Horns and Klaxon Howl. Oliver's vision according to Davis was "classic heritage done with a gritty, modern edge." All I can do now is wait and expect the best.

If you wanna check out some behind the scenes footage... head on to HERE, HERE or HERE. And for a 30 second preview of the video (in reduced video quality), head right HERE.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Beat For The Street Trailer

I just saw this on The Hundreds site. I love the flimography of this whole video. It's straight butter!!! Alexander Spit is doing his thing!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Where The Wild Things Are

Back in January I already remember the anticipation building for this movie, and with complete reason to. I remember while I was on The Hundreds blog, Bobby was having friggin spasms over this movie. The movie is starting to light up the blogosphere once again as anticipation washes over all of us as October nears. The full length trailer and featurette have been out for a while. Feel free to take a look below at Spike Jonze and his magically quaint and peculiar work that have struck awe in many of us, including myself. We all wait in great anticipation of October 16th, hopefully a midnight screening... hmmm... I hope.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Inqmnd's Exploration of L.A.

The Inqmnd Crew are finally back in Toronto from their visit to Lost City of Angels. Inqmnd is Canada's finest online streetwear magazine, and I would go to lengths to say its execution is the best in the entire world. L.A. brought them numerous oppurtunities to shed some light on The Apex Initiative, Primitive and the new P-Rod's, Sa-Ra, and many other of the culture's finest peoples and happenings. You should definitely check out their blogpost summarizing their entire trip. I know I read the whole thing, because it is nothing short of fascinating. Not only does it reveal some content we might stumble on in the future, but it has some incredible photography shots along the way.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Freshjive x Etnies Plus

freshjive etnies junior plus 1 Freshjive x Etnies Junior Plus

Well Rick Klotz seems to be busy with a lot of interviews as of late. The many millions of The Hundreds blog readers already heard Klotz's concept for the future of Freshjive, an absolute removal of branding this upcoming Spring and beyond. From the t-shirts, to the garment labels, right on down to the website, there will be absolutely no signs of the name of the brand or any of its logos. Well these Etnies Plus x Freshjive colab shoes are being released soon, so Sneaker Freaker took to a quick interview with Klotz as well, as it reveals his distaste for collaborations in general and his idea of what a shoe should be and SHOULDN'T BE.

freshjive etnies junior plus 2 Freshjive x Etnies Junior Plus

freshjive etnies junior plus 3 Freshjive x Etnies Junior Plus

freshjive etnies junior plus 4 Freshjive x Etnies Junior Plus

freshjive etnies junior plus 5 Freshjive x Etnies Junior Plus

Four Feet of Companionship

original fake kaws 4 foot dissected companion OriginalFake KAWS 4 Foot Dissected Gray Companion

I haven't done a post on Toys... in like... well, I think I've only done one post on toys. I should do a post one day on a non-Medicom toy, but anyways this is the latest Original Fake/Kaws 4 foot companion, the "Dissected Gray Companion." There are only 100 to be released, and they are to be going for around $6000 USD.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Fixed Gear Fix

Fixed gear stuff that I took to heart this week.
Firstly, this sweet Dickies ad.

Secondly JFK's teaser... with Fred Falke's (I'm quite a fan of his music) remix of Roy Davis Jr's "I Have A Vision." This song's amazing. And the video... Keo Spins for days.

p.s. Slaughterhouse album is out today!!! Yeeee!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Neon Indian

One of my favourite artists of this summer is Neon Indian. Their long awaited debut LP, Psychic Chasms, will be out this October. It will be a beautiful medly of synths and unwinding tapeheads. Take a listen below to one of their more popular tracks, Deadbeat Summer.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sperry x Band of Outsiders

band of outsider sperry 2009 fall winter footwear 1 Band of Outsiders x Sperry 2009 Fall/Winter Footwear CollectionI missed posting this a while back because I had a music history exam to attend to. But I really love these Sperry's Band of Outsiders worked on. I love the materials, and I really love that high cut boat shoe look. That's probably my next footwear purchase I'm looking into. Not necessarily the Band of Outsider's models but just a high-top or mid-cut boat shoe by Sperry. And also a while back, a couple more pairs of Rachel Comey's surfaced up and I just threw them down at the end. I really love those as well.

band of outsider sperry 2009 fall winter footwear 2 Band of Outsiders x Sperry 2009 Fall/Winter Footwear Collection

band of outsider sperry 2009 fall winter footwear 3 Band of Outsiders x Sperry 2009 Fall/Winter Footwear Collection

Rachel Comey boot and oxfords.

rachel comey 2009 fall winter footwear 1 Rachel Comey 2009 Fall/Winter Footwear Collection

rachel comey 2009 fall winter footwear 2 Rachel Comey 2009 Fall/Winter Footwear Collection

rachel comey 2009 fall winter footwear 3 Rachel Comey 2009 Fall/Winter Footwear Collection

rachel comey 2009 fall winter footwear 4 Rachel Comey 2009 Fall/Winter Footwear Collection

Saturday, August 8, 2009

n.d.c. Fall 2009

ndc made by hand 2009 fall footwear 1 n.d.c made by hand 2009 Fall Footwear

I absolutely love nom de code (n.d.c), and probably one of the reasons is because I am able to see them in the flesh so often, since Holt Renfrew stocks a good amount of them. Their beautiful wear-in and classic materials make for an incredibly comfortable wearing experience. Not to mention that they are hand-made in Lithuania. Their upcoming Fall collection looks incredible to me. I do find their shoes going for around $500 in Holt Renfrew, but they do sometimes reach as low as $120 if you go during the right sale at Holt Renfrew Last Call. I actually just made a trip to the one in Vaughn Mills and I'll tell you about some Filippa K pants I picked up at 80% off and what other goodies they had their at the time.
ndc made by hand 2009 fall footwear 2 n.d.c made by hand 2009 Fall Footwear

ndc made by hand 2009 fall footwear 3 n.d.c made by hand 2009 Fall Footwear

ndc made by hand 2009 fall footwear 4 n.d.c made by hand 2009 Fall Footwear

Friday, August 7, 2009


Yessssss. Canadian art forthewin. Mr Brandon Jan Blommeart straight out of Calgary. I find his series of trash monsters AWEsomeNESS. His work extends from painting, drawing, sculpting, sound design and recently... short animations. Thank you 1867 for the incredible art finds from our home and native land.

(and P.S. I DID NOT rip this from Kanye's blog, I prepared this post well before he posted it. I ripped it of 1867, which I linked to above, and Kanye probably ripped it off from there too. The 1867 Collective does an incredible job of covering every angle of Canadian art. So yeah, that's where you should go to check out awesome art BEFORE going to the Kanye blog.)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Summer In Seattle

Watching footy from the recent Kanye performance at the G-Shock Party in New York just reminded me of this video... Zlog out in Seattle throws down some hefty summer footy. Nuff said.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Music of My Week

Um yeah, I just thought for a blogpost today... why not share some new music (new for me at least) that I've enjoyed this past week... I couldn't wait for MusicMonday. A little Japanese Alt, a little psychedelic indie, a little electro-pop, a little experimental... I hope you enjoy.

(p.s. those embedded mp3 players don't seem to be working too well, so if they are not working click on the "track details" link on the bottom of each player and it'll link you directly to the music file. peace)

So dis is how I roll... Title- Artist

Class Actress- All The Saints

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AU- Ida Walk Away

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Palms (Josh Dibb Remix)- Boundary Waters

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Chairlift- Bruises

Sour- '日々の音色 (Hibi no neiro)'

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Yuketen Ring Boots

I saw these on the h(y)r daily blog a while back. I thought they were dope. The Yuketen ring boots are coming this fall.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Gourmet For Next Spring/Summer

gourmet 2010 spring summer footwear preview 1 Gourmet 2010 Spring/Summer Footwear PreviewI found these new Gourmet's pretty rad. "Pretty rad" as in, yeah, I sound like a tool but that's the first thing that came to mind and I seem to be lacking an "Urban Thesaurus", if you will. But honestly, I've seen Gourmet play its hand in the sneaker game and mature into what it is today. It kind of reminds me of 3sixteen and a variety of other brands aswell and how these streetculture labels are maturing into an incredibly classic yet contemporary aesthetic. I still have my Gourmet's from their first release of Jordan interpretations. My 7-look-alikes in their bright "robin egg" colourway. I guess streetwear has come a long way.

gourmet 2010 spring summer footwear preview 2 Gourmet 2010 Spring/Summer Footwear Preview

gourmet 2010 spring summer footwear preview 3 Gourmet 2010 Spring/Summer Footwear Preview