Friday, December 26, 2008

Suspended Operations. We’ll Be Back Summer 2010. Be Ready.

Due to unforeseen circumstances and personal issues that will not be disclosed at this time, The Word Unblunt and all of its blog operations (The Lifestyle Project, Hype Bytes, and All The Plaid Memories) will suspend operations until the summer of 2010. Chillan Space will be the only blog that will continue to be updated, for those who know who I am. I want to thank all of you for the love and support you’ve sent over to me for the past couple months. I’ve honestly had an amazing time. I want to first of all thank all of my friends for helping me, supporting me, and just showing me love and giving me advice when I needed it. I want to thank the Canadian streetwear scene for the feedback, love, and advice that you’ve sent my way as well. Much respects to the people in the industry that I’ve had a chance to communicate with. I want to send love over to the music acts Homebased and F.E.L.N. for all the support and love. I also want to shout out to Tthomas of Tragic Glory, Mr. Taylor Swan of Vice & Virtue, and Shun Kinoshita of Gold And A Pager for the love you’ve shown me too. It all means a lot. I still owe some blogposts to some of you including the boys down at Concrete Guerilla, Tragic Glory and some of the music acts I mentioned earlier. Stay true to what you do until 2010, and I’ll pick you guys up then. I’m sincerely sorry about that. It has been a tough decision, but believe me, when summer 2010 comes around I’m gonna pick this thing back up and deliver. I sincerely ask you guys continue the support by staying in the facebook groups for The Lifestyle Project and The Word Unblunt, and get ready for something special for summer 2010.

The Main Mind Behind It All Anonymous No Longer,