Sunday, January 31, 2010

Kiehl's LIP BALM #1

My lips have been in dire need of Kiehl's soothing balm all season, lol. I'm honestly so stoked Holt Renfew carries the label, and even more stoked that a full store is soon arriving at Yorkdale, not just for the sake of chapped lips but an awesome stop in general for all its well recipied apothecary and grooming products. I found out about Kiehl's when h(y)r collective used to carry some of its grooming kits on their webstore back before they became INVENTORY.

Matthew Malin used to work for Kiehl's back when it was still a family run business. After L'Oreal acquired Kiehl's, he left the firm to work at Helmut Lang's Parfum division, before going to start "Malin + Goetz" with Andrew. Kiehl's, although distant from its specialty apothecary feel, still very much appeals to me in regards to its well formulated products and whatever remaining New York charm it has retained.

SPF 4 Sunscreen Petroleum Skin Protectant
{ Mint } $11 + tax

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Grocery Store Cardigan

IMG_0455 copy by you.
Joe Fresh Cardigan. 80% Lambswool. 20% Nylon. Regular $39, I think. Got it for $19.94 on sale. LOL, I love Superstore.
IMG_0463 by you.
IMG_0451 by you.
IMG_0456 by you.