Friday, May 7, 2010

Cocteau Twins - "Victorialand" (1986)

IMG_3764 copyEarlier today, I quickly stopped by a small little record shop in Port Credit named Ric's Recollections. I visited this local gem for the first time a few days ago, but didn't really do much browsing because I had no money on me. Today, I did a little more browsing and I found the Cocteau Twins' fourth album, Victorialand, for $12. I absolutely adore 80's dream pop, so I decided to buy it. I'll definitely be stopping by here again, since I have a few more purchases in mind. Funny thing is I have no turntable as of now, but I have decided to buy one when I get the chance, so I've officially begun my vinyl collection.

IMG_3754The owner is such a nice dude! He helped me find some stuff I was looking for, and when I went to pay and didn't have enough money to pay for the tax, he waved it off for me. He also gave me a plastic bag without charging, which is the typical protocol here in Ontario. That's what I absolutely LOVE about local little shops. They stay grounded, get to know their customers, and it becomes more than just about business. It becomes about a mutual love for something, in this case, music. I put a YouTube playlist together, so you can listen to the entire album, HERE.

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