Sunday, August 31, 2008

Frozen Grand Central

I don't know how many of you have heard of Improv Everywhere. But their a team of people who preform long form improvisation and execute pre-planned "missions" which usually involve socially awkward or unusual situations. Anyways, I found out about them through a video of one of their projects. This is called "Frozen Grandcentral." A mission in which they attempted as a large group of people to freeze all at the same time in the station for 5 minutes, hopefully stirring some interesting reactions.

You can check here for more details on the project.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

DVS Skates and Creates Some Steez With Ease

If any of you are into skateboarding videos, you might have already heard of Transworld's Skate and Create. An interesting pro contest/skate vid project between skateboarding shoe greats DVS, Osiris, Emerica, and Globe. Each of the shoe companies pulled together their 5 top skaters from their team and put them all in a California warehouse where they were given the task of creating their favourite skate spot within a certain budget. They had complete control of their whole project, photos and video footage of it all and turn it in on the due date. DVS took first with Daewon Song just tanking it through.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Goodfoot St. Clair Grand Opening and Sale

Big news for tomorrow... if you haven't already heard. United Front will be opening yet another Goodfoot location this time in the St. Clair area. With the store opening they will also be dropping the super limited "What The Dunks." Along with this tantalizing situation, they will also be having a crazy back to school sale with fitteds for $20, tees for $15, and shoes for under $80. Be sure to get there early though, because there will definitely be a line to get in. Its at 873 St Clair Ave West, cash only. I really hate this timing though. I'm going to Buffalo over the weekend, but I'll try to make a stop at Krudmart, and give you some info about that shop.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Montreal's Street Culture

Last May, I visited Montreal, a city known for its good sense of independent culture and fashion tastes. No doubt a city thriving with street art.

I visited some botiques along Ste. Catherines, the main street in Montreal. The list of stores I visited included Underworld Skateshop and most definitely Off The Hook Upperground Botique. Funny, these Montrealers don’t seem to like being on the ground. The Underworld website carries a lot more streetwear labels than the Ste. Catherines space. The space there was more of a conventional skateshop. However, they did carry a selection of Creative Recreations, Supras, and Nikes, along with some LRG, Altamont, WeSC, and KR3W pieces. The rest of the two storey space was filled with the latest skateboarding gear with an impressively large and diverse collection of decks.

Off The Hook, on the other hand, was fully stocked with streetwear labels such as WeSC, The Hundreds, Stussy, 10 Deep, King Stampede, Dissizzit, Freshjive, LRG, and the Montreal streetwear label Rated Rookies. They also had a number of limited edition retroed sneakers.

There was also a notable second-storey botique called City Styles.
I think this boutique used to be an urban wear stop, yet it seems to have converted into streetwear. This store carried an incredible range of New Era’s in a large variety of bright colourways. They also sold clothes from brands such as Evisu, Rocksmith, Lemar & Dauley, and Crooks and Castles, while carrying a memorable collection of Jordan’s and Nikes. I think there was a third storey as well, but I didn’t have time to check it out.

Other notable spots include the Puma store that offered a small selection of their limited edition retroed sneakers as well as a large variety of jeans that they did in collaboration with Evisu. Urban Outfitters was also another stuff to grab some streetwear, yet in my opinion, this store is the tragedy of streetwear and is everything streetwear is not intended to be, a corporate money grab. They do offer cheap Vans Authentics, Nike Dunks and other retro sneakers. I wanted to buy an Obey hat there that was only $10. However, I decided to fight the urge and save my purchase for an independent shop.

One botique that I did miss was Goodfoot Montreal. Since it's not on the main Ste. Catherines street, I didn't manage to stumble across it.
It's on 3830 St. Laurent Street. Don't miss it if you ever go there.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Think That's Stupid

So I've been looking at my blog posts and realized that I'm lacking some posts on music, although not much has happened in the streetwear music scene. So I decided to give some info on little mixtape that The Cool Kids produced near the end of June, called "That's Stupid." It seems to be a mixtape overlooked by most, kept in the darkness of the shadow made by "The Bake Sale" release. It's just a small little release with about 7 songs. You can download it here, although it's definitely not their best stuff, but it's cool to here some new songs. You can download it here.'

And it's always fun to see their videos they put out on their Myspace blog. Take a look at the video. They haven't updated their blog in a while though, hope a new video full of freestyles is on its way.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Italian Tonite?

Monday, August 25, 2008

Visvim's Fall Drop

So Visvim's much anticipated Fall/Winter 2008 Collection is arriving. Here's a look at one of their longsleeve tees they've just released, with a pocket on the back inspired by a cyclist jacket and also another longsleeve tee featuring the Safara Pocket.

Source: Slam X Hype

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Yorkville Update

So this past Monday, I was in the Yorkville area doing some shopping. I'm back to give you a little update with what's happening with some of the stores I visited.

Capsule was the first store I visited. I loved it. Not only do they have authentic streetwear and sneakers, but they have everything priced very nicely. Sneakers that caught my attention were the Jordan 4/19 pack, Jordan 6 Olympic Model, very nice collection of Nike rarities and Nike SBs. They had a full section, two sale racks, of t-shirts and some polos that were 2 for $40, including brands like Freshjive, 10Deep, In4mation, N4E1, 3sixteen, Triumvir, X-Large, Crooks&Castles, Quolomo, Kno1edge, Fucking Awesome, and Fuct. Their regular priced t-shirts involved all of the mentioned brands as well as Rogue Status, aNYthing, Stabs, Kiks Tyo and Six Pack France. As far as I remember their apparel was limited to just t-shirts. They also had Know1edge backpacks, Kiks Tyo G-shock watches, and other little accessories. The boutique itself was very nice, with a clean white smooth theme, t-shirts evenly spread out along the shelves, and shoes neatly shelved. Definitely on my list of regulars to visit, probably my favourite store right now

North Trooper one store down from Capsule. Its clothing selection was not as large carrying The Quiet Life and other similar brands. It had a small collection of shoes. Notable sneaker was definitely the BE TRUE dunks a yellow pair and multi-coloured pair, priced at $200 with a 10% discount. But still more expensive then what Livestock is currently offering ($125). Still a boutique thats worth a look.

Uncle Otis was a great stop, and they were having a sale on almost everything. Merchandise that I remember include Alife's Krink tee and a Reigning Champ v-neck for $20, some Stussy t-shirts for $25, a Stussy Hoodie for $50, a 13" white Gravis laptop sleeve for $20, and a nice pair of Vans Vault authentics (pink and green with the monkeys on them) for $45, they had a size 10 left. The other stock included a nice collection of Stussy t-shirts for $40 along with all the other pieces in the collection including Hoodies, Shorts, Jeans, and even a towel. They had other Vans Vault selections, Ben Sherman, Campus, and Maharishi on sale, some Red Wing boots, shades from Stussy and Mosley Tribes, and a very nice selection of Levi's denim. Definitely worth a look right now.

Goodfoot Yorkville was another place I stopped. Its at the intersection of Bay and Bloor, on the west side of Bay I think. They had a nice set-up for their Adidas colab along with the other sneakers in the aZX collection. They also had a very nice selection of Visvims, some apparel from Ransom and Goodfoot, along with the usual Nikes, Adidas, Reeboks, and Pumas. I do have to warn that their shoes do run more expensive than any other store in Toronto.

Holt Renfrew was another place I stopped. They apparently carry the likes of A.P.C., Filippa K, Robert Geller, and etc. They also had a rack of $49 Cheap Mondays. Worth a look, but Nomad would probably be an easier stop if your looking for the high end stuff.

Nike Toronto was a stop that I just had to make. They had some interesting sneakers there, including some rare gems along with a full collection of Nike 6.0 clothing, shoes and even backpacks. An interesting find that I did make were the Nike Olympic Dunks that I had talked about previously. These were only dropped in very limited boutiques. But I guess Nike gives its stores special treatment, so you can pick those up for around $189.