Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Lookbook by American Apparel

So yesterday night, a package arrived for me.i've got mail... by you.
I opened it up and found this. :)
aa lookbooks :) by you.
It's the latest little collaboration Yuri Lee's awesome site, has worked on. This is the American Apparel lookbook.
Open Book TestIt was such an obvious yet perfect collaboration pair. AA is a staple on the site, with good reason. So, I took one of the lookbooks and opened it up to find this...
a hand written message for me! :) by you.
A handwritten note from Michelle. I must admit that Michelle has really changed my view of American Apparel. I've always been cool with the culture AA supported, their well-styled basics, and solid Made In L.A. quality. But to be honest, AA is a mall store. It's not your local independently owned boutique or cultural hang-out hub. I always thought AA was simply too big to retain an intimate connection to their consumer. But Michelle has totally changed that opinion... in a way.
IMG_2350 by you.
She personally approached me via e-mail after reading one of my blogposts where I shortly recounted my disappointment of not being able to find a lookbook in Yorkville. She took the time to casually address some of the other things I wrote about in my post, and then went on to apologize for the Yorkville location not being informed about this collaboration. She then asked if she could fix this problem, and even offered to send it to me.
Front To Back by you.
When I replied, I thanked her and mentioned a friend had the same experience. Michelle was lovely enough to send an additional lookbook for my friend, and I didn't even ask her to. (Mandy, if you're reading this I messaged you about this already :) ) I must say, this customer service is the best I've ever experienced. It's renewed my faith in American Apparel's ability to keep leveled and personal with their customers.

Thank You Michelle! :)This was one more reason I have grown to love American Apparel. And yes, the fact that Dov Charney is Canadian was already on that list of reasons, haha. But before I end this post I want to say... NOOOO...

Thank YOU Michelle! :)

*did i mention Michelle used to work up here in Toronto at Get Outside and later at Goodfoot... uhhh how much coolness is in that fact alone? much, very much.