Friday, October 31, 2008

Flight Club Halloween Releases

Flight Club have just released a mini-collection of t-shirts, longsleeves, and a few crewnecks. The graphics that compose each of these items is simple yet make for very nice looking products. To view the rest of the collection or to purchase, please click here. Get ready for Halloween!

Gravis Indo Expedition Pack

Know for their designs revolving around active lifestyles, the Gravis “Indo” Expedition pack is the latest from the brand as they pair concepts of retro outdoor footwear on a runner’s last. Despite the number of colors making an appearance on this shoe, they all work together quite well providing a pleasing colorway with other nice touches including colored 3M, speckled soles and the proprietary Cloud9 cushioning system. To round out the collection are some matching bags. While the use of gray on the footwear balanced out the overall colorway, the bags are a bit flashier combining the brightest elements seen on the shoes.

Source: Crooked Tongues

Stussy, Trick or Treat?

Happy Halloween. Stussy has made some tribute tees to their favourite monsters under their Customade line. The pack is inspired by classics for the fifties like "The Blog and Creature from The Black Lagoon, comics from the sixties, and "Rids The World of the Evil Curse of Vampires" from the eighties. They've already been released since October 24th. Check Stussy Toronto or your local Stussy flagship store for remaining stock.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Congrats to Philly, 80 and 08

Congratulations to the Phillies for their second World Series Championship in their entire history. A 4-3 win over Tampa, Price couldn't do anything about it. Congrats Phillies, you earned 2008.

I kinda wanted Tampa to win, but the Phillies are cool and deserve much respect. 80 and 08 Champs. Funny how Eric Hinske was the final out.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Know1edge Fall/Winter 2008

Honk Kong label, Know1edge ,have released their Fall/Winter collection for 2008. They have a solid line of cut and sew pieces, with small details and intricacies in materials, cuts and detailing. The collection consists of button up shirts, pull over hoodies, and a varsity jacket collaboration with Fiberops. Know1edge is stocked at both Capsule and Multi, so check with them if they will be receiving this stock.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New ACG Inspired Nikes

I haven't done a post on sneakers for a while so I just want to notify you all that Nike's going to be releasing new colourways for the Air Magma, Air Lava Dome, and Air Apporach Mid on the first of November. These new sneakers were inspired by Nike's ACG line that began in 1989. The sneakers feature outdoor materials and laces, with its colours inspired by the ACG collection. The Magma will be going for around 14 700 Yen which i think is about $147, but that's just a guess. The Air Approach is going for 12 600 Yen and the Lava Dome is going to be going for about 10 290 Yen. Soon avaialbe at Mita Sneakers.

Monday, October 27, 2008

3sixteen Fall/Winter Collection and Denim

It has been interesting to watch 3sixteen evolve into what it has become today. Their now mature aesthetics in the contemporary menswear market has never been clearer than in this second delivery for their F/W collection. The collection consists of a Hooded Blazer featuring classical styling of a typical blazer, yet striped with fleece and a Button-Up jacket featuring aeroknit lining, a scuba neck hood, and contrasting side gussets and ribbing. An overall fusion of subtle colours and stripes, to get a successful fall campaign in motion. For Toronto readers, you might be able to get some of this stuff at Capsule or Cartel. Montreal people, hit up Off The Hook.

And something to look forward to, possibly by the end of this month, 3sixteen have started a denim program. Their are 2 models to look forward to, the SL-100x, which is the indigo model and the SL-200x, which is the black model. They embody a slim fit at the thighs and taper down to the feet. Made of Japanese selvedge denim, and produced in America to ensure details were scrutinized. Both models feature special leather patches done by Tanner and custom rivets. Denim will now be available each season, the end of this month being its debut.