Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Opening Ceremony NYC

Definitely one of the most famed retail experiences in New York City. The story of how this space came to be is absolutely fascinating. Spike Jonze made a video for Vice TV a while ago about it.
Anyways as you walk through the front door, you'll realize it's quite a large space with a small little upstairs section with a bunch of books, magazines, and music selections. There are a lot of accessories and new arrivals on the main floor.
Downstairs has a large space filled with clearance stock. A bunch of awesome stuff on sale. I bought a T by Alexander Wang hoodie for $68. It was the last one left.
The staff is either aloof and leaves you alone, or just pleasantly helpful. I still like Toronto's service a little more though, haha. I spent more time in this store than any other in SoHo. Haha, I really loved it all.
The store front is being refaced, basically like the rest of SoHo. Anyways, this is an obvious stop if you're in NYC!
And I really must mention that a visit to this New York will bring some of your favourite blogs to life. One example being Ms. Rumi Neely's Fashion Toast blog. Isn't that cool, haha.

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